Discover the power of a revolutionary developed bird drone when it comes to bird control. It is almost laughably ironic to consider. The change that without the influence of birds humankind would have never taken to the skies themselves stands in stark contrast to the problems birds cause aviation today. And, unfortunately, aviation isn’t the only sector that has to deal with problems caused by birds. The agricultural sector, waste management and for example wind farms all have to deal in one way or another with birds and the problems they can cause. Although these problems aren’t exactly new modern innovations give us new methods of dealing with these problems. We are talking of course about a specially build bird drone to prevent bird strikes.

For a truly effective method of bird control we are the one and only partner for you: Clear Flight Solutions. We make use of our own developed bird drone. A unique and proven effective manner of dealing with otherwise pesky birds. It is not just a manner of dealing with these animals but also to make sure thy themselves are protected. We offer by means of our bird drone a way of animal control which is both effective and environmentally friendly. It’s not just a manner of scaring of the birds but also to formulate a plan that works on a much longer term if not permanently.

The power of our bird drone

There are many different situations in which an effective way of dealing with birds is desirable. There are no farmers who do not understand the sometimes even devastating impact of flocks of birds. Shooting these animals is not an effective way of dealing with them nor does it give you any certainty that these animals are sufficiently scared off. It cannot be underestimated how intelligent birds are. This means that they are not easily fooled by traditional scare crows or even more sophisticated means of scaring these animals away. It is our bird drone, we developed ourselves, that however does manage to scare of the birds in a most effective manner.

Not just any bird drone

We do not simply use our drone to frighten animals that could otherwise be a problem. In fact we do a study first. For example the use of wind farms is off set ecologically by the unintended dead of many birds who get caught in these wind mills. That is why when we are asked to solve this problem we first figure out which birds are victim of these mills. Then we take a look in discovering which routes they use and when. With this information we learn when and how to use our bird drone. The effect is that the birds will permanently  change their migratory routes.

Discover our bird drone and what it can do

We have developed our own bird drone. Well tow actually. One is formed like a peregrine falcon and the other like and the other is shaped is an Eagle. Both of these birds of prey are more than effective to terrify the targeted birds and scare them off permanently. Not only are these drones lifelike in there appearances both also in the way they fly. Yes they actually fly by flapping there wings.

We have developed them ourselves using our grounded knowledge of birds on a biological level. Never again will you have to make a difficult choice when it comes to bird control. We deliver a specialised approach for every situation we are asked to deal with. Would you like to learn more? You can always contact us we stand ready to help you out.