Students from Holland, Europe or America prefer international relations studies in Leiden. This offers you opportunities for future international jobs in working with and understanding complexities between companies, countries and cultures. You learn everything about the history of today’s world and political issues via top-billing education with theory and practice the best professionals and organizations. When you graduate for a master you can choose an expertise in for instance global politics or global conflict.

Many job opportunities with international relations studies in Leiden

An academic study in Holland is often recommended. The Dutch scholar system has great rankings, the Netherlands and especially Leiden have a great academic life and opportunities for students from abroad. In Holland everyone speaks English, you can live safe and people are friendly and open-minded. There are nice housing options in the city of Leiden at the campus of the university. Leiden will offer you much services focused on student’s life, such as clubs and bars, cheap restaurants, student associations and other initiatives. Leiden is situated between cities like The Hague and Amsterdam, also Schiphol airport is nearby. Leiden has many students in many directions from all over the world. It’s a great place to live for young talents to start their career after a fund of international relations studies.

High standard colleges and professors at universities in Holland

Being at international relations studies in Leiden you are in the centre of Holland’s political administration and business life. They will give you guest colleges in small groups with much personal attention. World-class experts give you English-taught college in transboundary issues from all points of view. International relations studies in Leiden are a perfect fit when you are interested in global affairs and everything about conflict and cooperation throughout the world.

You research the social-politic and economic aspects of many countries, companies and cultural groups and learn everything about it. Also you get in touch with political and economic systems like China or South-America, regions who can have great effects on western life and society. You get taught in the life aspects, diplomacy and communication of many cultures.

When finished with bachelor international relations studies in Leiden you will get asked quickly by many employers who want you as a junior employee. For instance political tasks or jobs international business or organizations. Check the dates for a tour for interested people at international relations studies in Leiden.